Kobe Bon Cabe (Boncabe) Sambal Tabur - Sprinkle Chili Flakes Level 10 Hot 24-ct, 180 Gram

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240.00 Grams
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  • Product of Indonesia, halal certified product
  • Sachet pack, ready to be taken anywhere and put in a bag. Very practice.
  • From fresh ingredients
  • Heat level 10, hot
  • 24 sachets @ 7.5 gram per bag, 1 bag per order

Product description

Bon Cabe chili sprinkle heat level 10, original flavor. It has pungent flavor. Very delicious when sprinkled on fried rice, fried chicken, soup, noodles, popcorn, or anything you want. All the food will be delicious when sprinkled boncabe. Boncabe is made from dried chilies and well processed and hygienis.


dried chili (60%), shallots, garlic, salt,Cayenne pepper powder, onion, sugar, vegetable oil, leek, white pepper, black pepper, yeast extract, flavor enhancers (monosodium glutamate, disodium 5'-inosinat , Disodium 5'-Gualinat)