Mie Bon Cabe Noodle Rasa Mie Goreng, 105 Gram

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NEW!! Fried Noodle Flavor BonCabe Noodle 105gr

Be the first to enjoy BonCabe Mi, a combination of chewy and spicy BonCabe noodles so that it becomes a great combination for those of you who love the real sensation of eating spicy noodles.

The noodle chips themselves already contain BonCabe. The spices at Mi BonCabe are spicy, aromatic, delicious and definitely addicting. The seasoning is in the form of a liquid so it is fresher and makes it easier for you to stir the noodles.

Each BonCabe Noodle pack is complete with 1 mini sachet of BonCabe Sambal Tabur level 15 to ensure the maximum satisfaction of eating spicy noodles.

BonCabe noodles are also more natural and of higher quality because they are made without preservatives and artificial coloring.