Mustika Ratu Body Butter Jasmine Melati Cream Lotion, 200 Gram

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  • Product of Indonesia

  • Jasmine Aromatic essential oils provide freshness

  • For perfect results use a series of Jasmine Body Care Mustika Ratu.

  • Pack of 200 Gram


1. Contains Olive oil, Gotu Kola leaf and Cocoa Butter to maintain youthful skin.
2. Maintain healthy skin.
3. Nourish and moisturize dry skin.
4. Contains jasmine granules which help tighten the skin.
5. Gives a sensation of jasmine aroma that relaxes the body.

Description :
Mustika Ratu Jasmine Body Butter contains olive oil, gotu kola leaf and cocoa butter which helps nourish the skin. With jasmine formula as a natural moisturizer that nourishes dry skin and helps tighten skin. Mustika Ratu Body Butter contains natural ingredients that are safe for daily use. With a soft scent of jasmine that can provide comfort and relax the body throughout the day.

How to use: Apply butter all over the body after bathing or whenever needed. For more perfect results, use the Jasmine Body Care Mustika Ratu series.

Body butter is a body moisturizer that uses shea butter and is used medicinally in parts of Africa, especially Ghana and Nigeria. At normal temperatures it is solid, but when used on the skin it melts so it is called butter. Shea butter contains many ingredients that can keep skin beautiful and healthy. In Africa, shea butter is also widely used for baby skin health.
Body butter with natural ingredients is not only safe for the body, but can also be used for the care of your hair, nails, and face. When you apply body butter to dry parts of your body, the body butter will absorb quickly and the skin becomes instantly moisturized. However, if you have oily skin, you should reduce the amount of body butter you use. Use body butter as thinly as possible only when needed.
The long-lasting moisturizing ability also makes many people, especially pregnant women, use body butter to prevent stretch marks. Body butter is a functional product that you should have.
When first applied to the skin, the skin feels moist, does not feel sticky, does not dry out, absorbs easily and the aroma is also soft.
It is suitable for use in air-conditioned places.
– Brighten Skin
– Maintains Skin Texture
- Not sticky