Sido Muncul Kopi Jahe - Ginger Coffee Drink 10 Sachet ,260 gr

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About this item

    Product of indonesia
    Halal certified product
    Indonesian traditional ginger coffee tea
    Made from selected coffee beans, a blend of high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee
    Composition: Milk Roasted Ginger Robusta Coffee
    Drink that is cool to enjoy while relaxing
    10 sachets @ 26gr each box

Product description

Drinks made from selected coffee beans which are the result of a combination of robusta coffee, arabica coffee, savory milk, and geprek roasted ginger that provide warmth, maintain body resistance so that the body is awake and fresh all day long.


Sugar Coffee powder Milk powder Ginger Extract

Serving Suggestions

Pour 1 pack in a cup Add a maximum of 175 cc of boiling water Stir and ready to serve

Product Safety

Kopi Jahe is safe and meets the specifications for aflatoxin, metal contamination, and microbial contamination tests from the PT Industri Jamu Dan Pharmacy Laboratory Sido Muncul Tbk which is certified by KAN and ISO 17025