Mustika Ratu - Ratu Mas Shake Scrub Sabun Lulur Kocok Seruni 100ml

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Product of Indonesia

100ml per order

Halal certificated product

When bathing becomes a fun moment and at the same time auspicious if you use Ratu Mas Scrub Scrub. Natural ingredients in the form of an original scrub made from the master of temugiring rhizome, yellow leaf, turmeric and ylang flower, empirically proven to be more effective and more perfect in removing dead skin cells and dirt, brightening the skin and cooling tired skin due to pollution, UV rays. and stress. The skin is clearer, brighter and looks satin-smooth.

Benefit :
Ratu Mas white scrub is made from natural ingredients Temugiring, kemuning and turmeric to lift dirt on the body, as well as remove dead skin cells and prevent and remove black spots from the body, making white skin radiant.

How to use:
Shake first, rub the whipped scrub on the neck, arms, legs and all over the body until the dirt that sticks to the skin can fall off. Then rinse thoroughly.