Miranda Hair Color Ash Blonde (MC-16) 60ml

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Miranda Hair Color Ash Blonde

Gray hair color, hair color now

How to use :

1. If you want to get a light gray color, make sure the hair color to bright white (through the bleaching process)

2. The final result of the ash color is different for each person, depending on the condition, type and pigment of each person's hair color

To get the perfect Ash Blonde color it is recommended to do the bleaching stage first. If your hair is deep black and has not been coloring at all it is recommended to bleach 3 times until the hair is really bright white as in point number 4 above and finally use the Ash Blonde color and the results will be more visible.

The point is to use any bright colors, it is necessary to have the bleaching stage first, that is, the process of applying natural color pigments to the hair becomes white and the number of bleaching stages in each person is also different, there are 2x already white hairs that need up to 3x or more, so the most important hair coloring is to recognize your hair type.

But the final color of ash blonde / ash in each person will still be different depending on the type and pigment of your hair color, if your hair pigment is very strong the end result may not be too bright.