Sido Muncul Tolak Linu Herbal 5-ct, 75 Ml/2.5 fl oz

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130.00 Grams
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Product of Indonesia
Helps relieve stiff and painful joints
5 sachets @ 15ml each box

Product description

Tolak Linu formulated from natural ingredients, such as: Languatis Rhizoma (Laos), Zingiberis aromaticae (Lempuyang), Retrofracti fructus (pepper), Curcuma rhizomes (Curcuma), Cyperi Rhizoma (Puzzle), Phyllanthi herbs (Meniran), Blumeae Folium ( leaves Sembung), Zingiberis rhizoma (ginger), Kaemferiae Rhizoma (kencur), Alyxiae Cortex (pulasari), Fennel and Honey. Natural ingredients is beneficial to warm the body thus relieving joint pain and stiff.