SidoMuncul ESTE-EMJE Ginseng 5 Sachet @30g (Chocolate)

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    Product of indonesia
    Halal certified product
    Sidomuncul's traditional milk, egg, honey, chocolate and ginger drink.
    Made with the addition of ginseng which maintains stamina.
    In the form of instant powder which is practical for consumption.
    Comes in pack of 5 contents.
    Delicious taste to warm the body.
    5 sachets @ 25gr each box


Product description

    The body is maintained health and freshness by consuming SidoMuncul ESTE-EMJE Ginseng 5x30g which is rich in ginseng content and a unique blend of ingredients.
SidoMuncul ESTE-EMJE Ginseng 5x30g is a powdered traditional healthy drink made from processed real ginger combined with sugar, milk, honey, eggs and ginseng which is hygienically and modernly processed. Enjoyment of powder mixed with warm water can be an option to keep your body fresh and healthy according to your taste. Its refreshing taste and aroma can help the body stay warm. Packaged in a practical package and very easy to serve, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Feel the warmth and keep your body healthy from SidoMuncul ESTE-EMJE Ginseng 5x30g every day.
    Sido Muncul STMJ Ginseng Box edition, box pack of 5 Sachets, Net Weight: 30 G