Cap Dragon Minyak Telon Oil, 100ml

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  • Cap Dragon Minyak Telon Oil, 100ml
  • Cap Dragon Minyak Telon Oil, 100ml
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  • Product of Indonesia
  • Keep the body warm and cozy.
  • 1 x 100ml per order


Telon Cap Dragon Oil is a scrub oil specially formulated for babies so that it has a mild warm feeling and a fragrant aroma. Telon oil can be used for newborns up to one year old.
Eucalyptus Oil as an active / efficacious ingredient to provide a warm feeling, to relieve colds and flatulence.
Fennel oil is used to give the baby a fragrant aroma, and fennel oil is a characteristic of the baby's smell.
Coconut Oil for lubricant, and natural moisturizer on baby's skin so it doesn't irritate.

Other Uses:
Relieves colds in babies
Relieves flatulence on wedges
Warm baby's body
To massage baby
As a mixture for baby bath
Can also be used to reduce itching on the skin of pregnant women

Composition: Oleum Cajuputi (eucalyptus oil) 45%, Oleum Foeniculi (fennel oil) 30%, Oleum Cocos (coconut oil) 25%
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