Herborist Lulur Bengkoang plus Whitening (100 Gram) Yam Bean

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About the product

Herborist Traditional Body Scrub Bali Bengkoang

is a traditional Balinese bathing lulur. Body Scrub with natural content of Bengkoang (Yam Bean) and this lightening extract can work effectively to make skin look brighter naturally. Herborist Traditional Body Scrub Bali Bengkoang also has a sensation of aroma that can soak into the surface of the skin, making your skin not only brighter but also has a charming and refreshing fragrance. Bali Body Scrub from Herborist is also able to remove the dirt and dead skin cells on the skin effectively. Use Herborist Traditional Body Scrub Bali Bengkoang every time when you shower regularly to make your skin look brighter, moist, and you can appear more confident.


Apply Balinese Herbals Scrub to all parts of the body in dry conditions, then rub gently until the dirt on the skin falls, finally rinse thoroughly with water. Scrub treatment is done every two weeks because the skin regeneration process lasts for 14-21 days. And when doing this treatment, make sure your skin is in good condition and there are no injuries or skin diseases such as eczema, rosacea and others.