Kobe Bon Cabe (Boncabe) Sambal Tabur - Sprinkle Chili Flakes Level 15 sachet

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220.00 Grams
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Original Chili's Powder from Fresh Ingridient
Level 15 is Crazy Hot for Chili's Lovers
Packaging BonCabe both sachets are very practical and hygienic. Very easy to carry as a friend to eat lunch in the afternoon. Don't forgetting also BonCabe packaged so, ready to be taken anywhere and put in a bag. Very practice.
Original Product From Indonesia
Get Bonuses : 4 sachet BonCabe Level 10

If you like spicy flavor that makes you feel memorable, please try this product. We guarantee you will be very satisfied. This product is very booming in Indonesia, because of it's pungent flavor. Very delicious when sprinkled on fried rice, fried chicken, soup, noodles, popcorn, or anything you want. All the food will be delicious when sprinkled boncabe. Boncabe is made from dried chilies and well processed and hygienis.