Meccaya 88 Ointment, 6 Gram (1 Box = 12pcs)

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Product of Indonesia.
An external treatment for fungal infections and mild bacterial infections.
Tinea Pedis / Athletes’ Foot, Tinea Corporis, Tinea Cruris / Jock Itch, Tinea / Pityasis Versicolor, Itches caused by the fungal infections, Including certain eczematoid conditions and the treatment of insect and mite bites.
1 box contain 12 x 6gr of 88 ® OINTMENT
Indonesia Reg. No. DBL8114400230A1

88 ® OINTMENT contains 60 mg salicylic acid, 65 mg benzoic acid, 60 mg sulfur praecipitatum per gram in the petroleum jelly base. The ointment is specially formulated in the petroleum jelly base containing beneficial excipients and natural aromatics to protect the skin from water, dirt, germs invasion, reduce the itches, maintain the skin moisture to accelerate the healing process