Miwon Mononatrium Glutamat, 17.6 Oz (500gr)

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About This Item
    Product of Indonesia
    Halal certified product
    Pure Mononatrium Glutamat
    500 gram each pack

Miwon 500gr is a typical Indonesian flavoring made from selected ingredients to produce dishes with a savory taste. Easily blends with dishes so it is suitable for a variety of soupy dishes, various stir-fries and others.

Ingredient :
Sodium 12%, Glutamate 78% and Water 10%.

3 Main Uses of Miwon :
    Source of savory taste, the 5th basic taste and enhances the taste of the dish to be more delicious
    Gives extra savoury flavor
    Taste enhancer
    Increase intake of Glutamate (protein) levels in food

Serving :
    1 menu requires an average of ½ teaspoon (2gr) of Miwon.