Mustika Ratu Olive Oil Skincare Massage Oil/Minyak Zaitun 175ml

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  • Herbal treatment. for message
  • Traditional treatment
  • This product from Mustika Ratu, The Herbal Manufacturing Company in Indonesia
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Product description

Message Oil Mustika Ratu on hands and feet with a little pressure and a bit long, so that the oil is really pervasive. Before going to sleep at night, apply oil slowly with little pressure or twisting motion (friction). Rub a few times until the skin feels invisible. Then let the oil soak as long as you fall asleep. The oil can also be used for massage therapy with the content of sedative properties help the body relaxes after intensive activity. Use the same oil with massage therapy or massage the entire body. Massage, either with Olive Oil or Oil Sandalwood efficacious beautify the skin when it is done before the bath scrubs, the material is not sticky and easily absorbed.