Nutrijell Puding Susu Karamel ( Caramel Flafour) 142 gr - 5.1 oz

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About This Item
• Product of Indonesia
• Halal Certified Product
• 142 gr Per Order.

Very practical instant powder pudding, easy to make, already contains sugar and powdered milk/coconut milk. High quality caramel flavored milk pudding. The right composition of milk and caramel makes the pudding soft. Serve healthy and delicious pudding at leisure time or gathering with friends and family.

Ingredient :
quality gelatin, Milk Powder, Caramel.

Cooking Method: (Serving Suggestions)
1. Pour the powder into a saucepan, and add 500 ml of water
2. Cook until boiling, while stirring so that the taste is evenly distributed
3. Let stand about 5-10 minutes to cool slightly, then pour into the mold
4. Wait until it cools down or put it in the fridge
5. Pudding is ready to be served when it is cold