Rose Brand Bihun Goreng ( Instant Fried Vermicelli) 60 gram

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About This Item
• Product of Indonesia
• Halal Certified Product
• 60 gr per order.

   Rose Brand Instant Fried Vermicelli 60gr is an instant fried vermicelli made from quality corn flour to produce a delicious and safe vermicelli taste for consumption. This product contains carbohydrates and dietary fiber sodium which can provide additional energy for the body.

Composition :

Vermicelli: C orn flour

Seasonings: Salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate flavor enhancer, dried scallions, pepper powder, garlic powder, chili powder, chicken flavoring, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, acidity regulator, coloring (caramel powder).

Oil: Vegetable oil, onion and shallot flavoring.


Nutrion Facts :

Serving size: 55g

Amount per serving

Energy 190 kcal Energy from fat 20 kcal