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Cooking is a fun activity for mothers and women, especially when making meals for family or loved ones. Of course, the menu of dishes served must be varied so that the family feels at home eating at home. Trying new recipes like oriental dishes can be an interesting option. However, Asian cuisine requires a lot of seasoning to produce a special dish. Now you can make oriental dishes easily and hassle-free with the help of Saori.

Saori Saus Tiram 23 ml is a variant of Saori, a processed cooking spice in the form of an oriental sauce that is formulated to give the taste of Asian cuisine to your dishes. Saori Saus Tiram is made with real oyster extract (without oyster flavor) which gives the oyster a savory and special taste to your cooking. Not only that, but the Saori Saus Tiram is practical and easy to use, just add the oyster sauce after adding the other ingredients while sautéing so that the oyster's distinctive taste and aroma is more absorbed into the dish. In addition, Saori Saus Tiram already has a complete composition, so you don't need to add other spices. However, if it is still lacking, it can be added or created with other spices according to taste.

Bring an Oriental taste dish to your beloved family by cooking using 23ml Saori Oyster Sauce. Comes in a 23ml bottle, making it practical to use when cooking or storing. Saori Saus Tiram can be used to cook various types of stir-fry dishes or as a marrinade for grilled chicken, grilled fish and other grilled / grilled dishes.

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