Telaga Rasa

Telaga Rasa Traditional Wedang saffron-colored rice, 110 gr (5 ct x @22 gr)

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Telaga Rasa Traditional Wedang saffron-colored rice 5 ct  @ 22 gr

Indonesian product
Halal certified product
5 sachets per order
kencur rice drink
110 gram (@22 gr x 5 sachets) per order

The traditional TELAGA RASA wedang is an instant herbal drink typical of Yogyakarta which is packaged in a modern, practical and contemporary way.
Made with natural ingredients from original and selected spices.

Ingredients: Kencur, Rice Flour, Sugar, Spices

Serving method:
-Open the TELAGA RASA wrapper
-Pour TELAGA RASA instant powder into a glass.
- Add up to 150 ml of warm (or cold) water and stir until well blended.
- THE TASTE OF YOUR TELLGA is ready to drink.[!brand:Telaga Rasa!][!upc:8199723496068!]

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