Antangin Herbal Asorted Candy (Ginger, Mint and Honey), 100 Gram

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140.00 Grams
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Product of Indonesia
Halal certified product
Refreshing and relieving
3 asorted flavor ginger, mint and honey
50 candies each bag, 1 bag

Antangin Herbal Candy Assorted 50 pcs. a Antangin products are formulated from natural Indonesian spices packaged in the form of candy favors that allows you to keep the immune system anytime and anywhere. The herbs are packaged in a modern form that protects the body from cold and all the symptoms of colds. Packaging contents 50 in three flavors, honey, mint, mocha and this gives a sense of warmth and delicious choice that has the same great benefits. In addition to preventing colds, herbal medicine in the form of candy is also very potent expel nausea and throat when you travel a lot so that trip you always feel comfortable and pleasant.