Antangin JRG Herbal Tablet (5 Strips)

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Product of Indonesia
Helps treat diseases due to colds, such as fever, nausea, flatulence, cold sweat, fatigue and dizziness.
Relieve motion sickness, keep the immune system at the turn of the weather, lack of sleep, work hard and long journey.
650mg eah tablet contains extracts nutritious herbal ingredients.
5 Strips, 4 tablets strips contents

Besides reducing the masuk angin symptoms (y experience symptoms like upset stomach, fever, headache, and cold sweat. The problems are normally resulted from lack of sleep, exhaustive work, eating disorder, cold fever, and often occurring during season transition period.), Antangin JRG is also proven to be able to help increasing body immune system and in controlling stamina, such effectiveness not found in other masuk angin medicines. (Source: research done by the Pharmacology unit, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta). Produced by: Deltomed. POM TR 082 576 241