Cap Lang Eagle Brand Telon Lang Plus Oil, 150 Ml

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190.00 Grams
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  • Product of Indonesia.
  • Help relieve flatulence, colds.
  • Can be used as massage oil for babies.
  • Maintain the moist of baby skin
  • 150ml per order

Product description

Cap Lang (Eagle Brand) consistently preserves Indonesian traditional heritage and always innovates to produce high quality products to fulfill the consumer's need, just like mother's love that always want to give the best for her baby.


Keep the baby's body warm, moisturize the baby's skin, prevent colds and relive boating stomach. use telon lang plus for baby massage.


Natural Rhodinol (Oleum Citronela) 3.0%, Oleum Chamomillae 3.0%, Oleum Olivarum 4.0%, Oleum Anisi 8.5 %, Oleum Cajuputi 31.50 %, Oleum Cocos 50.0 %


apply evenly on the stomach, chest, back, waist, arms and feet after bath or when needed