Resik-V Khasiat Ramuan Madura Feminine Hygiene, 90 Ml

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Product description

      Special formulations for Regional Feminine Muscles tighten Organ Intimate Women Prevent Whitish, Soft and Safe Use Every Day Clean the feminine area you are encouraged to wear a special cleanser that feels soft and fresh when used. Rehearsal V KHASIAT HERB MADURA Now you can feel the efficacy Potion Madura in Madura Herb Savor Resik V. Rehearsal-V Feminine Hygiene Madurable Efficacy present to maintain the health of the female sex organs. Moreover, the extract manjakani toning female sex organs thereby increasing arousal during intercourse. Regional Special formulations Feminine Cleanser specially formulated with a pH corresponding female sex organs ie pH 3.8 to 4.5. Unlike the body cleanser unbalanced pH levels and its contents are not recommended for women organ. Muscles tighten Organ Intimate Women Harmonious relationship with the couple returned intimate and passionate with Manjakani benefits in Rehearsal - V Feminine Hygiene Manjakani efficacy. You will feel the muscles of your female organs become tight and toned back. About Resik - V Rehearsal - V has been believed by many Indonesian women to help their female problems. Feminine hygiene products have already passed the test very strict laboratory before being disseminated to the market. Reasonable price and very good efficacy to be one of the reasons why Indonesian women using Resik - V to clear the area of their femininity. Very good for maintaining health, especially taking care of the uterus, improving the quality of the pleasures of the marital relationship, eliminating the bacteria that cause eputihan, as well as enhancing the density of the female sex organs. This product is safe and free of side effects because it contains natural ingredients of choice. This product makes women more confident and charismatic. Proven to add warmth of a happy home, with your partner. Feel the sensation of a different sex after using this product.