Resik V Vaginal Cleanser Khasiat Manjakani, 90ml

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  • Feel the natural benefit of RESIK V bring the spark in your marriage.
  • Feel tWith the best natural ingredients : ManjakanI
  • buying for 1 bottle x 90 ml, This product from KINO CARE
  • Muscles tighten Organ Intimate Women Harmonious relationship with the couple returned intimate and passionate with Manjakani benefits in Rehearsal - V Feminine Hygiene Manjakani efficacy. You will feel the muscles of your female organs become tight and toned back.
  • Prevent Whitish Feel the benefits of using special cleaning of Resik-V Feminine Hygiene Manjakani Efficacy who cleans germs and bacteria that cause itching, odor and vaginal discharge. Soft and Safe UseEvery Day Use a gentle cleanser every day for the health and fitness of your female organs.