Resik V Vaginal Cleanser Khasiat Manjakani Whitening , 90ml

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    Developed for the care of women's delicate zones. It can be used safely every day.
    Keeps the skin in the delicate zone clean. In addition, three odors peculiar to the delicate zone
    Prevents annoying odors in the delicate zone. It also cares for discomfort during menstruation. A feeling of use that is gentle on the skin and does not easily stain.
    Whitening and odor measures
    Manja crab extract and gambir extract, which are collected from the natural ingredient oak wood, eliminate the discomfort of women's delicate zones and keep them clean.

Product description
・ Product size (width x depth x size): 50mm x 50mm x 190mm ・ Country of origin: Indonesia ・ Contents: 90ml.