Teh Cap Botol Vintage 20-ct. 1.4 Oz

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160.00 Grams
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About this item

  • Product of Indonesia
  • Halal certified product
  • Green tea jasmine
  • 20 unique floating pyramid shaped tea bag (@ 2 gram)per pack
  • 1 pack (can) per order

Product description

Teh Tjap Botol since 1940. The quality tea will produce a golden yellowish color. Teh Cap Botol is perfect blend of the tea leaves and floral jasmine. Now you can enjoy of "Teh Tjap Botol" in unique floating pyramid- shaped tea bag.



green tea, jasmine flower.


rinse the cup with hot water, Put 1 floating bag per cup, pour in freshly boiled water (200ml), and allow it to stand for 2-4 minutes.